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We Build, Operate, & Advance 

Disruptive SaaS Companies

With a Focus on Product and Community

Our Companies - 
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About Us 

  1. We identify a need in the market 

  2. We develop a disruptive solution to a problem 

  3. We focus on product and listen to our customers 

  4. We create a community and nurture partnerships

  5. We add sustainable value to make sure  everybody wins

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Our Companies


Exited in 2022 at +5x

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AI Powered Email Warming Service. 

Mailivery improves your email reputation by having real conversations in your inbox, helping you to beat SPAM algorithms. Acquired Q4 2021.

Powered by = proprietary GP2 tech and P2P network.





Conversational machine learning engine that references 100 datapoints from linkedin and google activity for hyper personalisation of outbound messages from just a name. Developed from concept in Q1 2022.

Powered by = proprietary ML model 

Exited in Q1 2023 for 10x

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Email marketing tool with powerful SPAM and Content AI powered algorithms to test emails and email domain health on their spam rate & deliverability whilst providing actionable advice to always reach the inbox. Developed and  launched December 2023.

Powered by = Proprietary SPAM/content algo. and P2P network




AI Powered Intelligent Mass Sender for Marketing, Transactional, and Promotional Emails. Powering more Clicks, Conversions and Sales - 84% Cheaper.

Powered by = low cost digital infra. and proprietary AI algo.

Exited Q1 2024

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Currently in development. Expected Q2 2024. 


In The News

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"The union of Another Acquisition and was catalyzed by the latter’s revolutionary strides in the email marketing domain. With a distinct focus on user behavior for optimizing outcomes and harnessing AI capabilities to forecast user sentiments, has emerged as a transformative force in the industry. Its approach mirrors that of its competitors, yet distinguishes itself through a remarkable 87% cost efficiency"

“Mailivery fixes a problem all founders face. Some might not even know why their emails are bouncing or never getting read, and it’s usually because they’re landing in spam folders instead of their prospects’ inboxes. Mailivery solves this problem by creating realistic email conversations using AI that boosts your sender reputation, which is transformative – it could genuinely mean the difference between growth and stagnation.”

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